Our Mission.

We are here to educate the world on why we need more common sense gun laws. The amount of deaths involving firearms is on the rise by over 18% every year.  Around 33% of those will involve a minor under 16 years old. Our mission is to remove firearms from ordinary citizens who have no need for militant type weaponry, and decrease the number of deaths from firearms and terrorists.

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Facts about Guns

  • Every hour an innocent child dies from accidental firearm discharges.
  • 67% of Women who experience domestic abuse will be harmed or threatened by a firearm in the home.
  • Homes with firearms present are more likely to experience gun violence than those without.
  • The AR15 rifle is capable of shooting 200+ rounds per minute, and even faster if using a bumpfire stock. 200 rounds can cause 200 or more lives to be taken.
  • Terrorist use guns.
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"Enough is Enough"

"ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" After witnessing the Las Vegas massacre in 2017, we decided that we cannot sit back and allow these types of actions by unstable minded gun owners. Over a million peoples lives were risked and hundreds of innocent loving lives were left dead. We decided we need to start #repealing the Second Amendment and removing guns off the streets from ordinary citizens.

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Our Mission

Resist Gun Violence's mission is to end all world violence. Our goal is to remove ALL guns off the streets and out of the hands of citizens who have no reason to bear arms.

Girl with Gun